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Gemini is a Dead Simple Protocol™ for serving text content over a network. It's so simple that, with a good wind, you could write a basic functional client and server in a day - certainly within a couple of days if you like to take your time.

But that's only really a selling point for geeky types like me. What it offers the rest of the world's population is that it's really easy to write stuff and have it available online. There's no HTML and CSS and all that stuff - just write some text in a file and you're done. Here's an example:

# What I did last summer

I went on holiday to a remote Scottish island. We made a village of sand-castles on a beach, and flew a kite.

=> /pics/sandcastles.jpg A picture of our village.

And then we came home. I asked my kids what they thought of it all, and they said:

> Great!

So there we have it. A detailed summary of my whole summer season.

The example above shows you can hint that a line is a heading with '#', you can put links in easily, and you can include quotes from people. There are a couple of other features, but that's about it, and you might be surprised at how much can be done with such simple formatting.

To get started, you can browse Gemini pages with a client, so Get a Gemini reader to view properly.

If you're using Windows, then the GemiNaut client, available here is easy to install.

If all you have is a shell, then see The Minimum Gemini Survival Kit

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I can be reached via SMTP at 'kevin@susa.net', IRC as 'kevinsan' on main networks.

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