More OnlyFans BBC Paid Media Ads

Following on, it looks like the BBC has yet another OnlyFans advertorial, this time by Sam Gruet, Newsbeat reporter:


The article follows a similar format to the original. It suggests an enticing 'lower limit' of income (£200 to £400 per month), and continues with an 'expected' income of more than £3000 per month.

Yet none of it makes sense. Their example, a girl referred to as Alexia, works 9 to 5 in an office, five or six days a week. She talks about OnlyFans being 'hard work' and that she can spend 17 hours a day on it. How many hours does she have in her days?

Maybe it was meant to imply her OnlyFans work is limited to weekends - that income of more than £3000 per month is only from weekends.

What makes all this so offensive is that the article clearly states that OnlyFans has paid £6.5 billion to 2 million users since 2016. Let's do some simple arithmetic:

* Average income per year is £6.5 billion divided by 2 million divided by 6 (years) = £542 per year.

* Average income per month is £542 per year divided by 12 months = £45 per month.

So, even if you make average earnings, you're making just £45 per month on OnlyFans. The truth is that most people won't even make that, as they will fall on the long-tail of pitiful earnings - the average is misleading because a big chunk of the total payout goes to a handful of top earners.

These would be the honest things to say in the article, but Sam Gruet is either a terrible person, an idiot, or both. The article makes so little sense because it's written as a marketing piece. It's a meaningless carrier for an enticing message.

As I said in my original article, I personally don't object to sex-work if it's an informed choice, I'm not clutching pearls here. That BBC article is misleading and dishonest. The BBC is an increasingly shameful organisation. I don't like that I'm helping to fund this sort of crap, as someone who (perhaps now foolishly) pays the license fee.

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