When Take That Ripped Off Little Boots

Little Boots is an electropop artist. She's genuinely talented, played Glastonbury in 2009 and had a little fame afterwards. Her song Remedy reached number six in the UK charts, and was quite well received elsewhere too. It's a novel tune, very catchy.

Take That are an industry. Their mega-factories are powered by the souls of small-time artists. Their song 'The Flood' reached number two in the UK charts, and was released a couple of months after Remedy's success. It features the same phrasing as Remedy, just not done so well.

I present here, partly for comedic effect, the main parts of two songs, Remedy by Little Boots and The Flood by Take That.

The original Little Boots song, performed live at Glastonbury.

The Take That abomination, performed live on some 'pretend zoom call'. God they're so full of shit.

Decide for yourself. Listen again to the first 10 seconds of each clip. The contrast made me laugh.

It's a rip-off by greedy old men who didn't have the decency to even mention they liked the song Remedy.

Some closing stuff

As a closing point, I found a camcorder recording of Little Boots performing the song live in 2019. I include it here because I think the song still works in the most hostile of conditions - a true test of song and artist, no EQ, no editing, not even a steady hand holding the camera.

Talented people who just do what they love always seem to impress me. See also Rory Gallacher (the solo in this song is stupendous).

The Take That rip-off has been bugging me for years! Glad I got it off my chest. I hope you have also been enriched by this experience.

Source: gemini://gemini.susa.net/take_that_vs_little_boots.gmi

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