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15:44 - gluon

bunburya: indeed

i'm creating a client and just bumped into this, because from the spec, i assumed there could be no spaces

admittedly i didn't read mime's rfc

15:36 - mhj

Good day all

15:32 - akspecs

bunburya: lol

15:31 - bunburya

it might be something worth clarifying in the spec tbh

(the mimetype thing, not the controversial thing :P)

15:31 - akspecs

tomasino: that's the concusion i've come to

15:30 - khuxkm


15:29 - tomasino

akspecs: i don't know of any tildes or pubnixes that encourage that sort of thing, but i don't know all of them. if you're thinking of being that extreme your best bet is probably to self-host your capsule, though

15:28 - khuxkm

according to my MIME type parser (which admittedly was written to the MIME Sniffing Living Standard and not the MIME RFC) "text/gemini;lang=en" and "text/gemini; lang=en" are equivalent

15:23 - gluon

yeah, i guess it evolved that way and clients are expected to be tolerant

solderpunk's own demo server crashes on anything with more than 1 space

"status, mime = header.split()"

bunburya: right, thanks

15:22 - senders

looking at 5.2 Parameters of the spec and https://tildegit.org/solderpunk/molly-brown/src/branch/master/handler.go#L255 it looks like other servers at least use a <space> between different mime params

meta* params

15:20 - bunburya

mimetype = type '/' subtype *(';' parameter)

from the spec on gitlab

parameter := attribute "=" value

from RFC2045

(mimetype being the <META> that is appropriate for 20 responses, of course)

15:15 - gluon

i was under the impression that meta could not have any spaces

15:15 - palm93

akspecs: what subjects? :p

15:15 - gluon

is 20 text/gemini; lang=en; compatible with <STATUS><SPACE><META><CR><LF>?

15:13 - akspecs

ew0k: let's assume something incredibly controversial

is there a community that encourages discourse on such subjects?

14:55 - ew0k

nomn: if self plugs are okay, then my gemlog is gemini://warmedal.se/~bjorn/ 😄

akspecs: that really depends on what kind or level of controversy you mean

14:53 - nikdoof

well thats kicked off a thought for me, I was about to say "my tilde or my upcoming one" but then I had to think of how controverisal and what would I actually accept

I should probably write a terms of service

14:30 - akspecs

does anyone know where in the tildeverse (or broader gemini space) is a place that doesn't mind (somewhat) controversial capsules?

14:23 - nomn

thanks all

i'll try lagrange and see if it has a slicker bookmark ui than ariane

14:02 - tomasino

midnight.pub is fun too

oh, and self-plug: cosmic.voyage!

13:52 - bunburya

i just tried lagrange yesterday - it is gorgeous

13:51 - akspecs

another is from the guy who created lagrange (an excellent gemini browser written in C with beautiful font rendering)


13:49 - nomn

thanks akspecs, bookmarked

13:42 - akspecs

nomn: they have been growing quite rapidly as of lately

if you think you'd benefit from a foss guru, i enjoy drew devault's capsules

13:34 - nomn


What would you say are some prominent capsules I should follow? I'm new to gemini

10:51 - tomasino

view halloo!

08:07 - epoch


I would prefer my gemini content not be indexed by google.

If you want to go through the trouble of putting my gemini site as blocked in your robots.txt through your http->gopher proxy

that's cool.

if you don't, I'm fine dropping packets on my end.


08:01 - akspecs

khuxkm: thanks for the tips!